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Located in Cape Girardeau, Missouri, Statler Lawyers is a full-service law firm that will research, negotiate, or litigate virtually any legal problem.  We frequently handle "standard" types of cases, like those listed below.  However, we are comfortable tackling novel or complex issues with an unrivaled combination of experience and adaptability.  Our approach focuses on delivering value to our clients and obtaining the best possible results.  We strive to resolve legal issues while maintaining a focus that always puts client needs first.  Our experienced attorneys are licensed in the Missouri State and Federal Courts, and are comfortable in any Missouri venue.  Whether they are individuals or businesses, Statler Lawyers knows our clients and what is important to our clients.  Our broad experience across a wide variety of practice areas means that we can deliver efficient representation with cost-effective results.  

Personal Injury

We know that after an injury, our clients struggle physically, emotionally, and financially.  We understand the personal injury litigation process, and we work with our clients to minimize the impact that the accident and lawsuit have on our clients' lives.  We strive to represent our clients in an efficient yet compassionate manner.  We aggressively pursue personal injury lawsuits while listening to clients' needs.

Our experience in personal injury cases allows us to consistently produce results through settlement or litigation for our clients.  We represent clients throughout southeast Missouri, and are comfortable in any venue.  Confidence in litigation and willingness to take cases to the jury are the key components of our personal injury practice that make us so effective. 

Workers Compensation

We frequently represent clients who have been hurt on the job.  We are here to help our clients navigate the often confusing and overwhelming Workers' Compensation process.  Our thorough understanding of the process means we can determine the amount our clients are entitled to receive, and how to deliver.  We listen to our clients needs and assist them through the process, while relentlessly pursuing the best possible outcome.  Our clients regularly come to us in the Workers' Compensation process with medical needs and piling bills.  We help our clients get the medical care and wages they need to continue with their life.

Social Security Disability/SSI

Our attorneys specialize in handling Social Security claims.  Many of those applying for Social Security do not know where to begin, as it is easy to get lost in the procedure of obtaining Disability or  SSI.  Often, people with real medical needs are denied access to Disability or SSI, even after making it to a formal hearing. 

Our clients rest easy knowing that Statler Lawyers is handling their Social Security claim.  We simplify the process for our clients from application to resolution.  We are familiar with the process, the Judges, and the venues.  We advocate for our clients throughout the Social Security process and at hearing.  Our knowledge of and familiarity with the Social Security Disability process is unparalleled, which translates into bona fide results benefitting our clients.


When our clients come to us in financial trouble, we are eager to help.  Bankruptcy is an option for our clients who have debts that exceed their ability to pay.  Bankruptcy can seem like a quagmire of forms and red tape, however, our attorneys' experience in bankruptcy proceedings greatly simplifies the process.  Our lawyers and staff work directly with clients to prepare the bankruptcy filing, which minimizes the cost of filing.  We pride ourselves on expedient and accurate bankruptcy filings, which generally translates into quick, simple debt relief for our clients.

Family Law

We are especially prepared to advocate for our clients in disputes that involve what matters most- family.  We are capable and experienced in handling all family law matters.  We routinely handle divorces, paternity actions, custody actions, visitation issues, child support, adoption cases, guardianships, motions to modify, and grandparents' rights cases.  We realize that these proceedings can be very stressful, both for clients individually and their families.  We work in an aggressive, yet reasonable manner to deliver results.  We strive to ensure our clients the best possible outcome by minimizing needless conflict, yet pursuing every legal remedy. 

Criminal Defense

At Statler Lawyers, we handle all types of criminal cases- municipal, misdemeanor, and felony- from minor traffic tickets to violent offenses.  We take the time to get to know our clients and understand what is important to them when their freedom is at stake.  We prepare for their cases, thoroughly examining the conduct and reports of the investigating agent to ensure it complies with constitutional requirements.  We are comfortable in any criminal proceeding, and we regularly counsel clients at all stages of the criminal case- from investigation to plea or trial.  We advocate for the best possible outcome while preparing our clients realistically for potential consequences.    

Estate Planning

Statler Lawyer assists clients from all age ranges and incomes in evaluating and re-evaluating their estate planning needs.  We meet with our clients and their families to determine what is important to them, and how to keep it safe, whether it is safeguarding the passage of assets from generation to generation, or ensuring that young children are placed in accordance with their parents wishes in the event of the parents' untimely death.  Utilizing a variety of probate and non-probate estate planning instruments, we ensure our clients' wishes will be legally recognized once they pass.  Our attorneys work with the client to avoid probate, and to ensure that estates are taxed as minimally as possible.  We draft and prepare documents with an eye toward avoiding future conflict, both for our clients and their surviving family members.  

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